Exploring Math Teaching: Lessons from parents, teachers and students.

One focus of the E=MD^2 project is to increase motivation and make maths enjoyable for everyone. For this reason, the project partnership set out to deepen their understanding of the challenges and opportunities of teaching maths. The result is a key document with interesting results, the “Analysis of Math Teaching Methodologies”. Their aim is to improve maths teaching, especially in inclusive classrooms. So they went on a journey and asked students, teachers and parents in Romania, Croatia, Spain, North Macedonia and Cyprus what works best.

Through our survey, we gathered valuable insights from teachers, parents and students. These insights have led to a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in maths education and helped the partnership to identify promising practises that are already having a positive impact in classrooms.

The E=MD^2 consortium invites you to read our document and support us in our mission to make maths education more accessible and enjoyable for all.

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