Introduction to the (e-)MATHDEBATE platform Online course for maths teachers

We are pleased to announce the launch of the (e-)MATHDEBATE platform online course for maths teachers! This course has been developed to introduce educators to a new method of teaching maths in a STEAM context.

The course consists of 12 modules covering various topics related to inclusive maths teaching in an inclusive manner. Teachers will have the opportunity to explore innovative strategies and techniques aimed at engaging students with different abilities.

The course is available in English, Macedonian, Croatian, Romanian and Spanish, ensuring that it is accessible to teachers in different regions. In addition, the course offers a range of tools and resources to support teachers in their practise:

Lesson plans, visual aids to enhance learning and understanding, YouTube tutorials and more.

With this online course, maths teachers can expand their teaching repertoire and create inclusive learning environments that meet the diverse needs of their students. Visit the course.

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