Local E=MD^2 mini conference and real MATHDEBATE competition 1 – Municipality Primary School ILINDEN

The Municipality Primary School ILINDEN in the Republic of North Macedonia hosted a significant event on April, 2023, as part of the Erasmus+ project titled “E = MD^2: Excellence in mathematics education through (e-)debate and diversity”. This event brought together approximately 20 participants from diverse educational institutions, local government, and NGOs, aiming to elevate mathematics education standards.
Central to the event was the presentation of outcomes from the Erasmus+ project “E = MD^2”, which focused on innovative strategies for enhancing mathematics education. Attendees gained insights into research findings and collaborative initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity, diversity, and excellence in mathematics education.
A notable aspect of the event was the interactive session involving students. Through debates on mathematical topics, students demonstrated critical thinking and communication skills, providing valuable learning experiences for both students and educators.
Additionally, the event facilitated collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants through workshops, discussions, and networking opportunities. Educators, government representatives, and NGO stakeholders explored innovative approaches to mathematics education, laying the groundwork for future initiatives to promote excellence in the field.
Overall, the event at Municipality Primary School ILINDEN highlighted the importance of fostering a culture of excellence in mathematics education through collaboration, innovation, and dedication to improving teaching methodologies and student engagement.

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