Local E=MD^2 mini conference and real MATHDEBATE competition 4 – Scoala Gimnaziala Ion Agarbiceanu Alba Iulia

On April 2023, Ion Agarbiceanu Secondary School in Alba Iulia, Romania, hosted an Erasmus event as part of the “E = MD^2: Excellence in Mathematics Education through (e-) Debate and Diversity” project. The event featured a mini-conference and a Mathematical debate competition, drawing participation from 33 students and teachers across five schools in the municipality.
Attendees were introduced to project partners, goals, and outcomes, emphasizing collaborative efforts to enhance mathematics education. The event showcased the talents of students in a Mathematical debate competition, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Central to the event was the presentation of the “Excellence in math” platform, offering resources for exploring innovative methods in mathematics education. Through this platform, participants were exposed to new teaching and learning approaches, enriching their educational experiences.
The event highlighted the importance of collaboration and diversity in advancing mathematics education. By fostering knowledge-sharing and best practices among educators and students, the event contributed to creating inclusive and engaging learning environments.
As a beacon of collaboration and innovation, the event at Ion Agarbiceanu Secondary School exemplifies the dedication to shaping the future of mathematics education. Through initiatives like the Erasmus+ project “E = MD^2”, educators and stakeholders are empowered to prepare students for success in an ever-changing world.

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