Highlights of the last transnational meeting of e=MD^2 in Stip, North Macedonia

The last transnational meeting of the Excellence in Maths project (E=MD^2) took place on 30 November and 1 December in Stip, North Macedonia. The meeting was hosted by Goce Delcev University (GDU). The meeting brought together partners from Spain, North Macedonia, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania to finalise the two-year initiative.

During the meeting, the partners discussed the results of the project and finalised the main details. E=MD^2 was developed for students aged 11 to 15 and focuses on the development of mathematical skills in inclusive classrooms.

The legacy of E=MD^2 is a methodology for teaching maths that takes into account intellectual disabilities and integrates online STEAM activities to improve digital competences.

During the two-year period, the consortium has achieved remarkable milestones. They have compiled a collection of best practises that includes different teaching methods from across Europe. The E=MD^2 method, specifically tailored to STEAM contexts, enables teacher-led peer learning in inclusive classrooms. It is aimed at students with mathematical disabilities and supports a peer learning process. In addition, a teacher training programme has been developed to improve skills for inclusive teaching.

With the finalisation of the E=MD^2 project, the consortium celebrates the joint efforts of the last two years. The final meeting in Stip consolidated what has been achieved. In the spirit of collaboration and inclusion, the partners look forward to the continued positive impact of E=MD^2 on maths teaching in diverse classrooms.

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