15 effective strategies for transforming maths teaching from E=MD^2

The Excellence in Maths (E=MD^2) project has been busy collecting and analysing best teaching practises from across Europe. We are pleased to present our findings — a collection of 15 best practises aimed at raising achievement and interest in maths.

From North Macedonia to Cyprus, from Croatia to Spain and beyond, educators have implemented innovative teaching methods with remarkable success. Our task was to investigate and analyse these methods and support their implementation in schools – all with the aim of improving motivation to learn mathematics.

The result? A comprehensive collection of strategies that have proven effective in the real world of maths teaching. From interactive group activities to personalised learning approaches, these practises have one thing in common: they inspire curiosity, engagement and a genuine love of maths.

We hope that by sharing these strategies with educators, parents and policy makers, we can ignite a spark that will transform maths education for generations to come. The resources are available on the project platform.

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