Highlights of the E=MD^2 Training Course for math teachers

In September 2023, educators from Romania, Croatia, Spain, North Macedonia and Cyprus met in Vodice, Croatia, for the E=MD^2 training event hosted by OSNOVNA ŠKOLA VODICE. The four-day programme focused on modernising mathematics education and promoting cooperation across borders.

Participants explored the e-MATHDEBATE platform as a tool for teaching maths in an inclusive classroom. Among other topics, the future of teaching methods and learning spaces was one of the most popular themes of the training. The training emphasised understanding the special needs of children with mathematical disabilities, teaching mathematics in different cultural contexts and introduced the innovative E=MD^2 teaching method that integrates debate and diversity into the learning process.
Overall, the event provided a platform for educators to share expertise, explore new methods and imagine the future of maths teaching. It emphasised the power of collaboration and innovation in transforming teaching methods and ensuring quality mathematics education for all students.

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