Our Project

About the Project

The E= MD ^2 project aims to improve the mathematical skills of young students while creating an inclusive classroom. Through different ways of teaching mathematics, the project aims to increase the motivation of students who often find this subject difficult and isolated from everyday life.

Inclusion is taken into account in this project. In particular, intellectual disabilities such as dyscalculia (a disability that directly affects the field of mathematics) are taken into account when creating the materials to be used. To improve technological skills, some activities are carried out online in STEAM to encourage students to develop their digital skills.



  • Seeking excellence in mathematics and motivation for inclusion.
  • Improving the performance of students with disabilities.
  • Raising the profile of mathematics teachers by sharing knowledge about mathematics and inclusive classrooms

Target groups

  • Secondary school students and teachers
  • STEAM VET professionals and teachers.
  • Municipalities, media, policy makers
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