kick off meeting IN REUS

The kick-off meeting for the E=MD^2 project at Open Europe in Reus, Spain on 16 and 17 February 2022. The meeting was attended by partners from Spain, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Romania and Croatia. This consortium aims to improve maths skills and promote inclusion in the classroom.

The partners actively participated in discussions on project management and exchanged insights and perspectives. The meeting facilitated co-operation between the partners, taking into account both geographical and cultural differences.

E=MD^2 takes a practical approach to inclusion that specifically addresses intellectual disabilities such as dyscalculia. Materials will be carefully developed to ensure accessibility for all students and integrate online STEAM activities to improve digital skills.

For the future, the consortium sees linguistic and cultural diversity as an opportunity for collaboration. Their aim is to develop practical teaching methods and materials that create an inclusive learning environment.

This kick-off meeting in Reus symbolises the start of the E=MD^2 project, which focuses on practical inclusion, pedagogical innovation and technological integration. As the project progresses, challenges will be tackled with determination and successes shared. The consortium is united in its pursuit of an improved educational landscape that enables all students to excel in maths.

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